In the event of a loss, it is essential to have the correct coverage and endorsements to protect you. Whether you have a high-value home, older home, or property located in a brush area we have the necessary markets to place your risk and ensure you are covered. Our policies also cover the most common types of claim scenarios including workers compensation, coverage for pets, drone liability and other potential risks.


Whether you’re satisfying your landlord’s requirements or buying a new condominium, our team will work to find you the most comprehensive and affordable policy in the marketplace. With different rules and requirements contingent on your building and the necessary understanding of your homeowner association contract when choosing a policy, our agents simplify these complexities to provide you with a policy that compliments each client’s unique scenario.


With a broad selection of companies to choose from, we have a competitive edge over other providers, and can write a policy specific to your needs, including but not limited to policies for mature drivers, civil employees, young drivers, drivers with tickets and accidents, no prior insurance and SR-22 requests. No need to worry about your first time driver on the roads or an elderly parent. We will create a policy that suits them without breaking the bank. We work with top-rated carriers to provide policies that match your need and budget for all vehicle types including classic cars, sports cars and other exotic vehicles.


Meslee Insurance provides tailor-made watercraft and air-craft policies, which cover a plethora of risks and scenarios to cover anything from your liability to property, damage, legal liability towards others, equipment and beyond. Things can happen while you’re enjoying the water, and we want to make sure you’re protected in the case it does, .


At its core, personal insurance aims to guard the insured against the uncertainty of the future. Yet, while many Americans believe they are prepared for whatever life has in store, some people don’t realize their efforts for ensuring future safety and security are insufficient until it’s too late. This is especially true for high net worth and ultra high net worth families, and those subject to the public spotlight. Our team of agents applies a highly analytical, value-add strategy to match customers with the most fitting insurance companies offering personal insurance, including homeowners or condominium insurance, automobile insurance, liability protection, earthquake, flood and more.


While many believe that their homeowner or condo policy covers earthquake damage, earthquake Insurance is a completely independent insurance policy from Homeowners Insurance. Because the state of California has made it mandatory that insurance companies offer Earthquake Insurance in conjunction with any homeowner policy, our offices represent California Earthquake Authority as well as other top-rated independent insurance companies that specialize in coverage for homes, condos, mobile homes and even renters. Our location in Los Angeles, California makes us “earthquake experts,” allowing us to provide knowledge and expertise to properly advise you on insuring your home against the risk of earthquakes. After all, who better to guide you about earthquake insurance than seasoned professionals who have experienced several in their lifetime?!


Typical Homeowners Insurance does not provide coverage for flooding, and government assistance programs are usually very limited in scope and amount. The Meslee Way ensures each client receives a comprehensive policy, tailored to their specific needs, minimizing risk and protecting your home or business.We work with carriers directly to offer coverage through NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) as well as independent flood insurance companies, so you know you’re receiving premium coverage.


Help protect assets like your home, automobile, boat, wages and investments such as your retirement. Generally, personal umbrella insurance policies can also offer coverage for claims like libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy. Our connection to a network of outstanding liability carriers allows us to offer you the protection that you need at the most affordable pricing. Our team will help advise and calculate the proper umbrella limit to cover your personal risk accordingly.


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