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With so many types of stores and operations, it’s important to obtain the policy and endorsements that protect your unique business situation. For small to mid-size businesses with approximately $5,000,000 or less in revenue, the “BOP” or Business Owners Policy is always the best bet. These policies combine important coverages such as property, business income, liability and include specialized endorsements and packages to meet the needs of your unique business. If you have own a nail salon, coffee shop, restaurant, fitness center or other main street type of operation, Meslee Insurance will work with a variety of carriers to find the appropriate Business Owners Policy solution for you.


Exposure to risk can be particularly high when owning and operating an establishment as complex as a hotel. While you invest the time, money and attention to keep your establishment profitable, we will invest the time to ensure that your life’s work is protected from all of the unique risks that you are exposed to. As specialists in hospitality insurance, Meslee recognizes the fact that not all hotels are alike and that each establishment needs particular coverages that other operations may not need. We work with many hotels to insure their business property, liability, income and other lines – all of which can be modified to include additional and more specific coverage options based on your specific needs.


In today’s competitive business environment, it has become increasingly critical to offer employee benefit packages to attract and retain your best team. Our licensed and experienced staff is here to discuss policy options and design programs that offer the very best benefits for the very best value. We work with each client to find the appropriate group policy that meets your criteria, and recommend a plan that offers the greatest impact, to benefit the largest number of employees in your office. Our team members are knowledgeable on both retirement plans as well as health, life and dental. Allow us to design and implement valuable plans that will keep your staff happy.


Understanding what coverage a business needs, as well as what kind of protection is already granted under law, can be complex. Understanding the amounts of exposure across an organization and recommending the proper umbrella or excess liability limits requires a seasoned professional. Secure the help of a tested, experienced insurance professional to help answer questions and recommend proper liability limits. Our staff are trained to measure exposure and risk and then quote and secure ample liability limits to protect your business. At Meslee, we analyze the pros and cons of different policies from a number of providers for you, providing assistance as valuable as the coverage itself.


An injured employee or lawsuit can be a serious impediment to a company’s growth. With cases of workers compensation, wrongful termination, harassment, and discrimination being filed more frequently than ever, any employer needs a trusted and responsible insurance broker to recommend and implement proper policies. Moreover, the average equal employment claim can take years to resolve. When the right insurance policy can provide peace of mind at an affordable price, why take the chance? Meslee Insurance Services surpasses the competition in the customer service, claims management, accident prevention and loss control techniques that we offer. Our expert team of trained, licensed and experienced staff, understand which policies are needed to protect your business, and work with a variety of carriers who specialize in EPLI and workers compensation, to find a policy that meet your needs and budget.


The 21st century has given rise to a complex professional services industry. Be it a doctor, lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, CEO or other professional, all businesses and individuals in this space are vulnerable to unique risks. In addition to the basic need for coverage general liability, it’s crucial to obtain the appropriate insurance policy to protect you against the risks particular to the service you are giving. At Meslee Insurance, our job is to prepare you for the unexpected. We provide comprehensive insurance policies that ensure professional liability policies for medical malpractice, errors & omissions and directors & officers liability. Our team of educated and experienced professionals understand your needs and are experts at attaining comprehensive policies with competitive pricing for your situation.


Simply put, Real Estate related risks are our specialty at Meslee Insurance Services. For over thirty years, our office has been a leading provider of comprehensive insurance policies for all types of real estate related ventures including policies for Course of Construction (COC), apartment buildings, office buildings, retail, industrial and more. We have the relationships needed to place even your hard to place risks such as historical buildings, buildings with brush or coastal exposure, vacant properties and more. Going through the peaks and troughs of the economic cycle has given us the extensive experience that you should expect from your insurance agent. We understand that different classes of real estate have different risks, and recognize the fact that owners, managers, developers, property management firms, private equity firms, contractors and any other ownership class will have their own unique needs as well. This knowledge enables us to design bespoke solutions and services that add real value to your project.


For many businesses, certain partners or other key employees can be vital to the overall success and existence of the business. Business Continuation Insurance is essentially life and disability insurance that you can buy for a “key person”, in conjunction with a legal agreement, so that in the event of the untimely death or disablement of that person, you have the funds necessary to continue the business in a peaceful manner. Whether talking about a partner, manager, proprietor, marketing executive, legal or financial executive or even key employee, there are instances where another person simply cannot do the job as well, and thus business continuation plans become an essential part of planning the future of your business. Because the policy is unique and specialized in nature, you want to make sure you have an experienced team of educated staff that can find the option that best meets your needs.


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